Hi! I'm Kasey Spain. I am a passionate Creative Director, Designer and Photographer. I live in Austin with my dog, Lola and my two cats, Jello and Puddin. I am always working on something new. I am an avid artist, jewelry making, potter, estate sale hunter and I have an ongoing list of invention ideas.
For the last 12 years, I've been designing and creating art for clients and myself as well as expanding my toolbox of skills. I am the perfect hybrid of creative and marketing chameleon, able to change my style for many various clients and industries. I am well rounded and able to adapt easily to new environments. People who I've worked with say I am career focused, thick-skinned and a team player.
Art direction, brand/identity creation, package design, specializing in the beauty industry, B2C and B2B marketing, promotions, digital design, social media promotion, marketing strategy, Google AdWords, Facebook/Instagram Advertising, retail store displays and commercial photography. Bilingual in Spanish.
Iron Cactus Restaurants
Chuy's Mexican Restaurants
Austin Animal Center
Choctaw Casinos
Wildwood Casino
Cliff Castle Casino
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